3 Quick Tips: How To Earn Money As A Web Designer Online

Profiting from the work which you enjoy doing is something that everyone thrives to have some day. Luckily, web designers have a vast array of options to do this, so we will be covering few approaches below. Let us know in the comments what do you think!

Sell Your Work Through Envato Market

blog-3-quick-tips-earn-money-as-web-designer-01Websites like Themeforest and GraphicRiver are one of the top providers for website templates and graphics resources – designers and developers all over the world utilize these websites to sell their own works through them. Go to GraphicsRiver and register your account for free. After that, check out the popular files and how your own work can fit in there.

Websites Mentioned: Themeforest, GraphicRiver

Bid On A Job Marketplace Project

blog-3-quick-tips-earn-money-as-web-designer-03With websites like 99Designs, Freelancer and UpWork it is very easy to search for active projects created by various companies. Don’t wait too long to create your profile – just go out there, and be sincere with your resume and what skills do you posess. Important takeaway with websites like these is that you should strive to do your best for each client, and hopefully land a long-term client for which you would work exclusively. 

Websites Mentioned: Freelancer, UpWork, 99Designs

Teach A Course

blog-3-quick-tips-earn-money-as-web-designer-02Lots of IT professionals earn their money just by sharing their skills and knowledge through the form of video course, which you can find on websites like Udemy, PluralSight and Lynda. Check out those websites and see how can you submit your own courses and earn money.

Websites Mentioned: uDemy, PluralSight, Lynda.com

That would be our quick 3 tips on making money as a web designer (or developer). There is virtually unlimited number of ways to achieve this – let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts on this!

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