Adventures in Experience Design: UX For Beginners (Book)


Authors: Carolyn Chandler, Anna van Slee
Publisher: New Riders

“Adventures in Experience Design” is a guidebook on how to learn user experience methods from scratch through practical examples and activites. If you are interested to learn how to structure your projects and how to tailor them for your clients needs, this is the book that will show you exactly that with challenges and guidelines helping you along the way.

This Book Features The Following

  • Practical Challenges

  • User Experience Concepts

  • Illustrated Instructions

  • Prototyping and Storytelling

  • Brainstorming Projects

  • For Beginning and Professional Designers

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Some of the Topics Covered In This Book:

  • Creating research questions
    Choosing improvements
    Why designers sketch concepts
    Design principles
  • Sketching a digital prototype
    Brand building blocks
    Storytelling platforms
    Activity answers

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