We are constantly receiving questions like which tools professional web designers use for their work, so we made this Toolkit page to share all the tools that are common in web and graphics design industry. Enjoy!

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Software Used by Web and Graphics Design Professionals

Adobe Photoshop CC with Free Trial – By far one of the most used tools by web and graphics designers. Now with a monthly subscription it’s much more affordable to own professional software like Photoshop. Free for the first 30 days!

CorelDraw X7  – When you need to work with vector-based projects like creating logos, designing shirts and prints, or managing company’s branding, CorelDraw should be definitely an essential part of your toolset.

Automate Your Workflow with Photoshop Add-Ons

Professional designers don’t manually build elements for every new project – they use premium add-ons or one of their own! Check these out:

  • Hero-Header-Scene-GeneratorHero Header Scene Generator – With 7 pre-made scenes and over 65 isolated objects, you can very easily (and quickly) create hero/intro images for your website’s homepage or landing page.
  • Mobile-UI-KitMobile UI Kit– This kit is a must-have for anyone working with mobile website design and mobile apps. Over 160 mobile screens ready for you to use!
  • Real-3D-Box-Generator-TemplateReal 3D Box Generator & Template (CS4 & CS5) – 3D boxes are a great way to present your client’s product in a website or sales page. Use this generator to customize your 3D box and generate it on-the-fly.
  • Logo-And-Badge-Generator-Volume-1Logo And Badge Generator Volume 1 – If your client needs a logo for his personal, photography or creative project, we highly recommend this great tool.
  • Zero-Gravity-Stage-GeneratorZero Gravity Stage Generator – So much good stuff in here! Use these assets to boost your own porftolio presentation or add them to your client’s websites.
  • Dispersionum-PS-Actions-BundleDispersionum PS Actions Bundle – Highly popular photo effect that’s used for landing pages and print projects.
  • Action-Pack-PROAction Pack PRO – Say goodbye to those long hours of editing just that one special hero photo! Apply this effect to your website photo assets and stock photos and you’re golden 🙂

Recommended Books

We’ll try to differ from the usual beginner material. These books are great for you to understand design principles and how to utilize them while designing websites.

UX for Lean Startups: Faster, Smarter User Experience Research and Design – This books applies lean startup methodology to User Expirence design, which is very important for a web designer just starting out with personal or client projects. Learn how to validate your ideas, build and measure your design projects and most importantly – have a profitable career.

The Pocket Universal Principles of Design: 150 Essential Tools for Architects, Artists, Designers, Developers, Engineers, Inventors, and Makers  – With pretty much self-explanatory headline, this book is a “swiss knife” of essential tools for aspiring creatives like yourself.

Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability – Practical design tips straight from the industry veteran, simple as that. Must-have.

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People – Learn to understand your client’s needs properly and how to apply that to your own projects.

A Project Guide to UX Design: For user experience designers in the field or in the making – Probably the first book that should go in your User Expirience library. Very informative, explains the whole UX concept from top to bottom, and provides detailed answers to usual industry questions.

The Design of Everyday Things – One of our go-to books for inspiration when working with product blueprints and wireframes.

Thanks for reading, we hope that you enjoyed our small (but good) list of professional tools. Be sure to check back here as we will be adding some new finds very soon!

PSDWatcher Staff 🙂

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